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A1 Car Wreckers Perth WA is one of the most reliable dealers of used auto parts in Perth. Your search for a trusted used spare parts dealer is settled forever. We have one of the largest wrecking yards in Perth. We salvage only the most functional parts from unwanted cars. Our auto parts are fully inspected before we put them up for sale. Our team has years of experience in salvaging auto parts. We stock thousands of spare parts. From bumpers to engines, you name it. We sell used auto parts of the finest quality in Perth. If you want to replace any part of your vehicle without shedding a lot of cash for it, Call us at 0492 123 123.

What Makes Our Used Auto Parts Better

They aren’t pricey and do the job just fine, that’s it. Ordering new parts can also be a lengthy process. Besides being expensive they aren’t even easily available sometimes. You also need to visit the showrooms and place an order beforehand. This makes spending large cash on auto parts for old vehicles a bad deal. We have a solution though. We offer the best quality used auto parts at the most affordable prices. And it’s also hassle-free. You just need to give us some basic information about your vehicle. Our team will find you the desired product. Call us for more information.

Used Auto Parts Perth

Why Buy Used Auto Parts from Us in Perth WA

Our used auto parts are of the best quality. We don’t salvage everything from a wrecked car just for money. Our team of experts salvages only the most functional auto parts from a scrap car. These parts are then inspected and serviced well. We put the auto parts up for sale after a detailed quality assurance check. These parts are thoroughly restored before they are handed over to you.

We offer these parts at fair prices. We are not in the business of making quick cash. We value your safety and comfort. But we never exploit that. We offer the most reliable auto parts for the most reasonable prices in Perth. Some of our auto parts come with a 30-90 days warranty depending on the part.

What Kind of Auto Parts Do We Sell

  • Lights and headlights
  • Bumpers and Panels
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Engine and Gearbox
  • New Parts

We sell parts of all major brands. Our wrecking yard received a lot of cars on a daily basis. Over the years we have salvaged auto parts of hundreds of cars. Our yard hosts used auto parts for cars of all major makes, and models. Our auto parts are tested, reliable, and affordable and they come with a limited warranty. If you are looking for some used auto parts that cost too much, call us and give us some basic information about your car and we will surely find the auto part you need. Call us at 0492 123 123 for any inquiries on used auto parts.

Used Car Parts Sale
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