Everything You Need To Know About Car Removals In Perth

Know About Car Removals In Perth 17 May 2024

If you have an old car sitting in your driveway that you no longer use, or perhaps one that costs more to repair than it is worth, car removals Perth service might be the solution you need. These services not only help you clear out space but also offer an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your vehicle. Additionally, there is a chance to earn some cash and possibly find used auto parts for other vehicles. This blog covers all you need to know about car removals Perth, focusing on how car wreckers operate and the benefits they offer.

What Is Car Removal?

Car removal involves the process of removing different kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans, that are no longer wanted or in a condition to be driven. In addition to this, car wreckers provide this service, often for free, to help you dispose of your old vehicle. These services are particularly valuable for cars that are not operable, as they are equipped to tow away your vehicle without causing any stress.

How Does Car Removal Work?

The process is simple. Here is a typical scenario for car removals in Perth:

1. Contact a Car Wrecker: You start by contacting a car wrecker Perth. Many wreckers have online forms where you can submit details about your car, or you can call them directly.

2. Get a Quote: The wrecker will ask for details about your car, such as the make, model, year, and condition. Based on this information, they will offer you a quote. This quote is the amount they will pay you for your car.

3. Schedule a Pickup: If you accept the offer, you will arrange a time for them to come and collect the vehicle. Most car wreckers Perth offer flexible scheduling, including same-day removals.

4. Complete Paperwork: The car wrecker will handle most of the paperwork. You just need to provide proof of ownership and a valid ID.

5. Get Paid and Tow Away: Once everything is in order, the car wrecker will pay you the agreed amount and tow away your vehicle.

Benefits Of Using Car Wreckers In Perth

Car wrecking service offers various benefits, and a few of them are explained below: 

1. Free-Up Space: Removing an old or unused car frees up space in your driveway, which you can then use for other purposes.

2. Environmental Benefits: Car wreckers Perth ensure that all parts of the car are recycled or disposed of responsibly, minimizing environmental harm. Toxic substances such as oil and battery acid are properly handled, preventing soil and water contamination.

3. Financial Gain: You can earn some cash from what might otherwise be considered a piece of junk. The amount depends on the condition of the car and the market value of its parts and metal.

4. Access to Used Auto Parts: Car wreckers dismantle the vehicles and salvage usable parts. These used auto parts are available for sale at a fraction of the cost of new parts. This is particularly beneficial if you are looking for parts to repair another vehicle without spending a lot of money.

5. Convenience: The entire process is handled by the wreckers. You do not have to worry about advertising the car, negotiating with potential buyers, or handling any of the paperwork associated with the sale.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Car Wrecker In Perth

1. Reputation: Choose a wrecker with good reviews and a strong reputation in the community.

2. Transparency: Ensure that the wrecker is clear about their process and the pricing. There should be no hidden fees.

3. Environmental Policies: Check that they follow environmental guidelines and responsibly dispose of car parts and fluids.

4. Range of Services: Some wreckers offer additional services, such as selling used auto parts. These can be useful if you are also in the market for parts.


Car removals in Perth offer a fantastic way to dispose of old or unusable vehicles conveniently and responsibly. Whether you are looking to free up space, earn some cash, or purchase used auto parts, car wreckers in Perth provide a comprehensive service that covers all these needs. You should always choose a reputable service to ensure that you receive the best possible experience and value from your old car. 

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